Mehran Metals & Alloys - Stainless Steel Round Manufacturer & Supplier of in India

Mehran Metals & Alloys is a one of the oldest and trusted Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Stainless Steel Round Bars, En Round Bars, Nickel Alloy Round Bars, Stainless Steel Slotted Pipes, Medical Gas Copper Pipes, Stainless Steel Circles, Stainless Steel Rings, Pipes, Sheets, Copper Foil, Fasteners, and a variety of other ferrous & non-ferrous metal products.

Our supplied & exported Stainless Steel Round Bars are used in a wide range of sectors that include aerospace, oil & gas industry, sugar mills, power plants, chemical industries, and many more. At Mehran Metals & Alloys, we promise that all of our products will meet or exceed international quality standards and requirements. As a result, we are trusted as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Stainless Steel Round Bars in more than 15 countries, and our products are available to more than 150 countries.

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Mehran Metals & Alloys has hired professionals to properly inspect the quality of both resources and goods so that we can continue to enhance the quality of our products.

We are committed to regularly providing high-quality goods within the time frames we have promised to our clients as a reputable company in the steel industry.

We are an ISO-Certified business. We provide items that are built to last a long time. We make certain that our products comply with national and international regulations.

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Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Mehran Metals & Alloys is one of the most trustworthy Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in this industry. We are manufacturing and supplying Stainless Steel Round Bars, EN Series Round Bars, Nickel Alloy Round Bars, Slotted Pipes. All our products are manufactured with International Quality Standards and as per quality standard in more than 165 countries. We cater to different idustries including aerospace, oil and gas, sugar mills, power plants, chemicals, and many more. Mehran Metals & Alloys means excellence in quality.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality stainless steel round bars to our customers across the world. We must also focus on continual improvement, work ethics, and responsible business practises, which will result in added value for our clients during after sales service.

Our Vision

Our objective is to constantly expand our development limitations and increasing our production capabilities without affecting the quality of our products. To achieve topmost client satisfaction with our products.